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About Us


The Security Service for of the Palouse!

MDLM Security Group, LLC is a professional firm of Security Officers with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.

MDLM Security Group, LLC was founded on December 11th, 2013, in Moscow Idaho, for the initial purpose of public education, event and night security. Prior to establishing MDLM Security Group, LLC our owners had been working together within our local communities for over a decade as public educators, emergency response teams, firefighters, certified nursing assistants, radio operators and as Latah County’s first Community Emergency Response Team.

Our Inspirations

The people, businesses, and events of the Palouse play a significant role in the health and culture of our hometown. Moscow is a community we love, been raised by, and have families of our own within. Our focus for the protection of our area comes from more  than a perspective of business, this is our home. It matters who protects our children and families!

Our Mission

Our Company is founded on the promise to protect life, property, and to maintain order within our vicinity of duty. We dedicate our time, money, and efforts into making this mission obtainable. Our efforts are always governed by the principles of honor, respect, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and honesty.


Cash Handling Services

Our company specializes inn providing trained professionals to safely and swiftly transport cash and other valuables from site to site. Let us save your business valuable time during the workday while protecting your business from liability and criminal activity.

Event Security Services

Our staff is experienced in providing access control and conflict resolution to ensure the the success of your event. Whether you are planning a small get together in the park or a large convention with several thousand attendees MDLM is ready to accommodate your needs.

Civil Escort Services

All officers are trained to handle for Civil Security and Standby orders and receive special training in conversational de-escalation tactics to reduce risk and enforce peace.

Unarmed Security

Our professionally trained Officers are extensively trained in de-escalation tactics and is licensed in Both Washington and Idaho for Unarmed Security. Let us remove the risks involved and provide the best protection for your residents, clients, personnel, assets or for yourself.

Meet Our Team

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